Is it hard? Of course. Doing the work… Asking myself every day how I can get better… Admitting I need the help and support of my friends… That’s difficult. The easy thing would be to run away. Something I know a great deal about. The bottom line, the lesson I’ve learned through harsh experience is this: Even for the fastest man on earth, life does not offer shortcuts.

Pietro Maximoff; Avengers Academy


It’s moments like these when you can see the scared young 21 year old Elsa really is.


All New X-Factor #3

Ellen DeGeneres speaks onstage during 86th Annual Academy Awards

Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it

Knowing I can still quote Pirates of the Caribbean word for word after all this time makes me wonder.

you ok?

Hey anon! Oh my gosh that’s really sweet of you to check up on me! yeah I’m totally fine. Just had a rough day with two finals and having been miserably sick. But I’m finished now and have con this weekend so I’m doing much better. You’re too kind. :3

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